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For almost three decades an event known as the Oregon Cancer Ski Out has raised funding for Oregon cancer assistance and research programs. With the addition of another event, the Oregon Cancer Bike Out a few years ago, it became apparent to our not-for-profit Board of Directors that another offering could be developed. Cancer Ski Out, Inc., is approved for tax deductions for contributions made under IRS section 501 (c) 3.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you no doubt understand the need for umbrellas! We have decided to use the “umbrella” concept in a different manner. Many people who have been affected by cancer have an abiding desire to want to fight back. A major way of doing so is fund raising, and to assist that process, one must be able to provide a tax deductions for contributors. Getting a tax exemption status for an organization is a long and costly process. Once you get it, there are requirements for filings with both the state and the federal government, liability insurance for events and to cover the Board of Directors from menacing lawsuits. So much funding is wasted in administrative costs and overhead instead of getting to children, families in need, finding new methods for early detection, and improved treatment. As well, one has to ask themselves, “Do we really need our own tax-exempt status?”

We were founded on the concept of keeping cost at a minimum, sustaining local cancer efforts  to curtail waste, and supporting local programs because we understood that the closer you are to the problem, the greater the commitment. Our mission remains the same as always, but we have added a dba (doing business as), the Cancer Resource Fund, so we can be an “umbrella”! If you interested in working with us, we have a format that we follow (Application). We have legal requirements to fulfill; more importantly, we have standards we have set for ourselves that address integrity, stewardship, and a simple desire to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Thanks for your consideration and please look into our invitation.

Cancer Ski Out, Inc./dba  Cancer Resource Fund

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Executive Board

Kristin Smith
Executive Director

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Cancer Resource Fund
9770 SW Wilsonville Rd. #400
Wilsonville, OR 97070

L.M. (Chad) Chadwick

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Ed Ariniello


Steve Sciborski
Vice President

Steve Sciborski

Jeff Langfeldt

Board Members

David Moore

Craig Eroh

Jeanne Beacham

Darren Youngsma
Golf to Give Founder/Director

Pat Wolfram

Amanda Davenport


Dave Tragethon
Vice President
Marketing, Sales Communication
Mt Hood Meadows

Todd Wells
Oregon Cancer Bike Out, Founder/Director

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